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Service of Process, Document Retrieval, & Skip Tracing

When you’re working on a case, it’s a huge time drain to track down the right documents, witnesses, and defendants. Let us do the leg work for you, saving you valuable time in the process. With a success rate of over 97%, our professionals can be relied on to help you achieve your legal goals. We attempt all services until concluded, and our standard service is typically complete within only 48 hours. Rest assured that the necessary proofs will be in your hand in time for the court date.

Service of Legal Process

Whether you need local, statewide, or nationwide service of process, our team is ready to help. Our turnaround times simply cannot be matched, even if the assignment takes us across the country. Within hours of requesting our service, your documents will be assigned to a professional server who is authorized to serve in his or her jurisdiction. Additionally, we'll testify in court to the validity of our service, ensuring that your case goes forward successfully. Our service is guaranteed with the provision of a valid address. Count on us for support with:

  • Multi-Defendant Cases
  • Multi-State Jurisdictions
  • Landlord/Tenant Eviction Cases
  • Workplace Environmental Cases
  • 5-Day Notices
  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Small Claims
  • Rent Disputes
  • Civil Liabilities
  • Criminal Court Subpoenas
  • Civil Court Actions
  • Miscellaneous
  • Product Liability Cases 

All assignments are permanently placed in our archives, so your files are available to your office whether you need them 5 days or 5 years from now. Our Process Servers will avail themselves to testify in court to our good service for up to 3 years after service has been effected.

Signing Documents

Document & Public Record Retrieval

Come to us for Clerking and Record Retrieval services for all counties in all 50 states. Immediate DMV and Real Estate Records from all states can be retrieved within just moments of your mail request.

Skip Tracing

Our success record is next to none, successfully closing 97% of our files. We guarantee subsequent successful service if placed with our agency.